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-fth of the soum w brings us back to where we started. the burrito we arded at the beginning the story weighs in at 955 calories. that is the equivalent of eating 37 hershey's kisses. as our chef and chipotle point out, you don't have to order the burrito tt way. the statement says "because our customers decide what goes into the individual order, we can meet any set of diet terry preferences or resictions. so if you have to have beef, you can order three hard tacos with steak, pinto beans, sour cream and lettuce for a moderate total of 610 calories. even those who know what to order have a tough time resisting temptation. >> i love chocolate. depends on the day. >> representatives for dairy queen and chipotle point out they have a variety of menu options. >>> the news is far from over. the new as 11:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >>> rate off the top, the hudson river, the scene of another terrifying accident. this time, no miracle. the photo showing a small plane and helicopter colliding. nine people are feared dead. tonight, inves
the first days. the u.s. house of representatives quickly approved another 2 billion on friday. but dealers must wait for the senate to give it up. >> i wouldn't have confidence, we wouldn't do it if we didn't think it would go through. >> reporter: but fitzgerald is still being careful, even though she signed on the dotted line. she will wait until the vote goes through before selling her old car. in gaithersburg, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >>> and more proof of the program taking off, they put them over the top for july, giving the automakers the first increase in years. the senate is set to vote on the cash for clunkers bill on wednesday. >>> and now to the destruction left behind after three tornadoes touched down in maryland friday. one hard-hit area here, frederick county. after two days of cleaning up there is still lots of work to be done. most people spent a third day cleaning up after the storms. the violent winds snapped the old trees, leveled a barn, crushed three out of four chimneys in just one home. >> i think i've been in a state of shock the last couple of days of the it i
to the right hospital and the right treatment. >> reporter: robert says he used to believe there was only one sure thing in medicine. >> i left medical school and i left my medical training knowing that i knew the difference between a living person and a dead person. and as of a couple weeks ago, i can no longer say that. >> reporter: kaelin and jim couldn't be more grateful. >> nice when it's a happy ending. >>> the news tonight far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> off the top tonight a new push to prevent passengers from being trapped on the tarmac. thanks for staying up with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons in for maureen umeh. they're the horror stories all air travelers can relate to. passengers stuck for hours with nowhere to go. fox 5's matt ackland with some lawmakers who are planning to hold airlines accountable. >> reporter: if it's passed, the term bill will go after airlines and force them to make changes when it comes to the way they deal with passengers. the big issue being talked about these days is the time people are forced to spend trapped insi
in a land use setting. for example we do not look at the other studies in other schools, such as the catholic school. >> reporter: then there was the issue of traffic and congestion. some argued the road for the proposed site was too small and dangerous. >> i think a lot of the charges that were directed at your school were misplaced. >> reporter: but in the end, the board of supervisor says this was only about land use, leaving the opposition seeing red. >> we'll support whoever is running against it. even if it is pee wee her man. >> now they must go through the entire planning process, the supervisor says the school has been in his district for the last 15 years and he called them a significant teaching facility. laura? >> wisdom, thank you. >>> following a developing story right now out of the middle east, five rocket attacks, hitting kabul, one of them falling near the u.s. embassy. hitting the house of a senior official but there are no reports of deaths. >>> and new tonight, former president bill clinton heading to north korea hoping to bring home the two american
's money they will put to use for new programs immediately. in an effort to keep trains and passengers safe in the nation's capital, the department of homeland security has given metro $9.5 million in grant money for counterterrorism. >> by having more visibility out there, higher visibility in the system, it's very important to us. to get 20 new people out into the system, it is a significant budgetary issue for us. >> reporter: that's not all they will use the money for. metro will equip and train five antiterrorism teams. the four officers on each team will be responsible for random patrols of metro facilities and vehicles and a quicker response to suspicious packages and other threats good so we can collect more data as to what's going on in that system. some will be uniform. some will be casual flows out in the system. >> reporter: in addition to gathering intelligence and sharing information with federal and local law enforcement, metro will also use the money to implement new technology. in particular, cameras and radio communications. this comes just weeks after the worst accident i
stylists to use other nontoxic products. some customers bring in their own as well. >>> and the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >>> breaking news right off the top ed and accident on the orange 1:00. ac and cident on the orange line, worker seriously injured.n the accident happened during the track maintenance near the in serious was in ersious condition and taken to the hospital. train service is being ed, afno train service between west fall, church and vienna, we'll have more information and bring it to you as soon as we get it. >>> and new developments in the tragedy on the hudson river. thank you for joining us. >> i'm maureen umeh, seven bodies recovered from the hudson river after yesterday's deadly mid-air crash. nine people were killed after the collision. tonight we learned more about those on board. >> reporter: divers pulled a helicopter and four more bodies out of the muddy hudson river on sunday. after questions into the mid- air crash continue. >> there are obligations that pilots have, all of them to be awar
for joining us. the police were called to minnesota avenue in northeast p. s the metrotyto ill no sign of the shooter. roz plater has been following this all evening and joins us live with details. >> reporter: officers are fanned out looking for the shooter who seeped -- opened fire into the crowd earlier in the evening. the trouble is right now they don't know who or why. just after 6, there were rapids of people along minnesota avenue near a bus stop outside of the metro station. that is when police say someone walked up and opened fire. mothers, which were, teenagers scrambled for cover but seven were hit and police don't know why. some witnesses say it may have started at an earlier go go event. >> people shoots because of what happened down paradise day because people were shooting down there and they came up and started shooting around minnesota. >> reporter: investigators tell us that is one possibilitiy that looking into. >> we did have earlier an event, a go-go event in the sixth district and they had let out, it was a large crowd and possibly again, unconfirmed, i'm not tiei
signaling a shift in strategy to get a health care reform plan passed. thank you for joining us, i'm we'll thomas. >>> and i'm maureen umeh, president obama has pressed for a government-run plan. but today his health secretary says the option may not be necessary after all. fox 5 news claudia coffee has more. >> this is such a big concession. the hallmark of the plan was it was to be government-run. but there is now a move to get away from it. >> reporter: health care was a thorn in the country's side, now center stage on capitol hill and in communities across the nation. while democrats and republicans haven't seen eye to eye on the health care debate today they found common ground with plenty of senators and moderate democrats, agreeing that the public option and health care reform was a deal killer. >> that would be government involvement but it would be i believe a step in the right direction, away from a government takeover of our health care in this country. >> reporter: now the administration is indicating that it would be open to private insurance cooperates, with the co-ons the
with a defeatist attitude. i never saw im petty. i never saw him act in a small way. as a consequence he made us all big disbler vice president biden speaking at a moving memorial service for senator ted kennedy. family, frnds, colleagues celebrated his life with miewchg and memories -- music and memories. kennedy's funeral is tomorrow morning in boston. his burial omorrow afternoon at arlington national cemetery. his casket arrives at 3:00 p.m. at andrews air force base. it will briefly stop at the capitol before arriving at the cemetery. bob barnard is live with more on tomorrow's preparations. >> reporter: brian, we're told the preparations actually began a couple of weeks ago when the senator's staff called the superintendent of arlington national cemetery and ld him of ted kennedy's wishes. senator kennedy's final journey through washington will begin here at the u.s. capitol arriving at the east entrance around 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. the hearst pausing at the steps to the u.s. senate for a small prayer service for his current and former staffers and other congressional employees. from th
show a troubled cho, a year and a half before he carried out the worst mass shootingings in modern u.s. history. the records cover all of his interactions with the cook counseling center at virginia text and an overnight stay during november and december of 2005. >> the reasons when you look at th for the seenedcallynyian to say he is holding it together. >> reporter: forensic rweevd ie documents and focused in on key statements from cho. in november of 2005, a professor referred had imto the campus counseling center. cho said he was depressed and experienced panic attacks when he talked to people many he said that he felt like killing himself. he told that to a friend and the friend called the police and he spent overnight in a mental health center. reporte r:reporter: one clinton may determine about a patient may be completely different from another. mental health is an interpretive feel. >> we have a lot of responsibility, but not a lot of power, because the law favors the person woe says "i'm really okay. ." >> reporter: if there wasn't a case to be made that cho was intent on hurt
bulldogs, that they were family dogs were running at large in the house. and us that was abnormal and seemed extremely agitated to the point he backed off. >> reporter: outside the home a large dogcrate is a reminder of the family tragedy. police say a small pug mix family pet was also found dead. neighbors speculate delaney was trying to protect it. the neighborhood is rallying around the family. >> the neighborhood is still in shock and i believe it's close- knit. they were well known by people in the neighborhood and they can see that they're rallying around that family. >> reporter: leesburg police say the american pit bulls were registered properly and was owned by a brother who did not live at that home. the dogs haves have been quarantined. the dogs will not be going back to that neighborhood any time so. >>> police want you to take a good look at this. it's one ever the only clues they havin a fairfax county murder taken near the victim's home. this is what cops are looking for. that black infinity suv. turns out a man got out of that vehicle and walked up the driveway. if
pardon today. and they were helped by former president bill clinton. >> the u.s. officials say the plan to have former president bill clinton was released before he landed in pyongyang. today there is more video along with bill clinton, euna lee and laura ling getting on that plane. the two journalists were captured five months ago while on assignment collecting material for reports of women being trafficked into china. well today, the two were ordered pardoned. but critics tonight say the meeting with mr. clinton sets a dangerous model for dealings with these type. >> and brings in president clinton who was deeply involved in dealing with the nuclear program during the time he was in office, confuses the two issues. gives kim jong-il a leg up at a time when the government is under a lot of pressure. >> north korea media says that clinton had carried a message of apology from president obama. the white house says that was not true. the two journalists sentenced to hard labor are on their way home expected to land in los angeles tomorrow. >>> and a nuclear powered russian sub on patrol t
,151. key get all the details, including the phone number if he paid $1 using his credit card. but when freddi called the >> that's not the price for the house. it's already been sold. >> reporter: fox 5 discovered the real price was not $22,000. but instead $314,000. >> we actually sold the property. we were the listing agents. >> reporter: caldwell banker says they took this photograph. and lited the house and -- listed the house and ended up selling it for even more, $340,000 a month earlier. yet there it was still on the website. >> there's absolutely no property in springfield, virginia for that type for $22,000. >> reporter: worse, freddi discovered instead of the $is promise -- $1 promise, the website started charging his credit card $50 a month. >> that's misleading. >> reporter: susan jones runs fairfax county's consumer affairs office. >> like any type of internet shopping, you've got to be cape. you don't know who owns this website. you're giving your information out. they can take it and the next thing you know you have identity theft. >> reporter: freddi found canceling the
farewell. thank you for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. thousands of people who knew senator ted kennedy and many who didn't gather to say goodbye. matt ackland is live at arlington national semtear wet the latest. matt? >> reporter: what a beautiful service throughout the district. let me take you through what happened in the area. kennedy's casket arrived at andrews air force base this afternoon and then the procession led to the u.s. capitol to the steps on the senate side where thousands of staffers and members of the public gathered for a final goodbye, a prayer, a song and then the procession came across the memorial bridge here to arlington national cemetery where senator kennedy was buried where he wanted to be, close to his two brothers. far from the state he represented, he was not just a senator who represented massachusetts but a leader loved nationwide. as the hearse approached, a huge crowd erupted in applaud. -- applause. [ applause ] >> i just had to come and say goodbye to teddy. >> reporter: barbara willis johnson drove down from delaware to thank se
will use their final time-out. >> troy: in talking with keith brooking, he said the best years i had was when wade phillips was my defensive coordinator in '02 and '03. keith brooking was 27 at the time. to my surprise, wade phillips said he looks like the same player. he hasn't lost astep, sti moves well. he's very instinctive. i know that they're feeling -- you can tell in hearing him interviewed right there, he brings a lot of leadership. he loves the game of football. but he's a good player, more importantly, and he should help them. >> joe: pro's pro, zach thomas manned that position last year for dallas. now they go to brooking. mcgee gets a chance to do something. he runs it and slides on third down. he is short of first down yardage. that will take us to the two-minute warning. tennessee out of time-outs. terrence newman was behind the camera, and now to eliminate our own pam oliver helping with the lighting. he's doing it all. cowboys doing it all tonight. - ( "super freak" by rick james playing ) - it's pretty amazing how one click of a mouse can make you move... groove, bu
getting us started. just wrapped up. >> reporter: just finished. we've got good timing. the skins had a couple of goals today. first, how about scored a touchdown. something they didn't do last week in the 23-0 loss at the baltimore ravens. too, how about get a win so they could feel better about themselves? that would help things out, wouldn't it? and guess what, they're looking good today. their first possession after going three and out, fourth and 10th from their own 35, punting. but the direction to rob cartwright gets 15 yards to midfield for the first down, and that led to a field goal from sean suisse am, 20 yards. rocky linebacker ryan arapahoe comes to play. great all game. third quarter, redskins down 10- 3. chase daniel off, the 6'4" rookie marco mitchell. four-coast guard touchdown. game tied at 10-10. 13-10 in the fourth. chase daniel, a perfect pass to fred davis for the 18-yard touchdown. and who says football players can't dance? the skins go on to win 17-13, and afterwards, i caught one one of the surprise heroes -- chase daniels. was it fun? >> it was a blast, man.
passed out flyers trying to organize opposition, and some neighbors told us they don't want to have to wait for a fire to find out if the new plan really work. >> it doesn't matter until it matters. >> reporter: now a fourth station, the calverton station, got a rebrief. it, too, had been scheduled to lose its full-time staff but worked out a last-minute agreement with a nearby beltville station volunteer. >> rosslater in the newsroom. not the cleanup is underway after a tornado tore through frederick yesterday. one of the hardest edhi tareas, small town of ijamsville. the winds left a path of destruction, downing trees, power lines, and flattening an historic barn. roofers have installing tarp to protect what's left. >> people have been very fortunate because they haven't -- i haven't run into anybody with a physical injury yet. the houses have taken quite a bit of punishment. >> another tornado confirmed in carroll county yesterday. the winds so powerful here they ripped the siding right off this house at 11:00, starting in israel. there's been a deadly attack at a gay club for te
u.s. jet liners. investigators say equipment problems on at least 12 northwest airline lines a 330 left pilots with no idea on how fast they were flying. and it was believed a similar problem was on the flight where at least 200 people were kill . >>> and starting soon, metro doing repairs. why now? because congress is out, people are on vacation and the rider ship is lower than usual. check out the details on >>> and thank you, looking for a new gig? how does this sound? 12 weeks, 50 grand, just travel the country in style. >>> and cash for clunkers a hit. what about getting id for other old stuff? the rebate sweeping the country. >>> plus, get more from that workout, add one thing to the routine and avoid being tired. >>> thank you. listen, we are definitely going to feel like summer around here this weekend. it is going to be the hottest we have been so far this summer. we'll have moral about it. giving the numbers, coming up on your complete forecast. . >>> this is fox 5 news news edge at 11:00. >>>  . >>> is this a job or a vacation? 12
and believed that he would actually e t'reyc.d. ouse for us. ts c.r arents of one and two-year-old girls and 20-year-old twins. carl and raina johnson were chasing a dream of a larger home with big yards for their growing family . >> it was something we really wanted and to have this gentleman come by and steal your dream. there was so much anger. >> reporter: back in 2004, they met a self-described home developer named leon coleman. he sold the johnsons as well as at least a dozen others plots with a promise of building homes. but after they purchased their lots from coleman, the smooth talker never built the houses he promised and pocketed the money. even taking plans off the internet. the law finally caught up with him and he just received a 12- year prison sentence d he finally offered the victims an apology in court. >> i can't accept it. i can't. >> reporter: it doe't do anything? >> doesn't do anything. >> reporter: you can understand the pain. the johnsons took out 100 bank loan for the land alone. now they're in foreclosure on that loan. forced to declare bankruptcy. their credit and t
joins -- facie cohan -- stacy company hahn joins us with more. >> reporter: police discovered what happened shortly after 2:00 p.m. when a family member asked them to check on the young man because no one could reach him. in addition to those pit bulls, police found another small dog dead and this cocker spaniel was found safe inside a cage. there was quite a different rage outside the home as friends and family members got the news. >> we played peewee baseball together and grew up all the way through high school. this-- >> dogs fight all the time. i guess he was trying to get in between them because they got a little too serious. next thing you know they turned on him. >> loudoun county animal control did take custody of those two pit bulls. area pastors came into the community to talk with some of the young man's friends and helped them with their grief. he graduated two years ago from heritage high school and had recently recovered from cancer. >>> more trouble on the tracks for metro. an employee died while working on the railing. last night 63 yeartd michael nash was -- 63-ye
unexpected always and i think, you know, just even the guest judges that have been with us thus far, i mean, who knows. >> reporter: up nexorlando. in dallas, chris gutierrez, fox news. >>> it's not just american idol. there is another way you can be a star. check out fox rocks. if you have a band, you can upload an original song to our week site. the top six bands after a viewer vote will face off at the charren don grill in arlington and the big winner gets a gig on fox 5 morning news and a free three-minute video. check it all out on and click on the entertainment tab for all the details. >>> the news keeps coming tonight. shaun shaun in for brian -- shawn yancy in for brian on the news edge at 11:00. >>> the cash for clunkers program is officially out of gas. buyers had till 8:00 tonight to take advantage of the deal. the latest numbers show dealers have submitted 625,000 vouchers totaling nearly $2.6 billion. now those numbers will surely jump after last-minute sales are counted. right now dealers are working on mountains of paperwork to make that federal submission
to class. and in record fashion as well. thank you for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. >>> and i'm will thomasas they return, officials looking closely at the health situation. the h1-n1 is thrtening to make a big-time comeback. and administrators want to be ready for whatever happens. more on the story. >> reporter: hey guys let's first talk about the record- breaking enrollment figure. the reason why? the economy. this year many parents are forced to pull their kids out of private schools because they lost their jobs or they're just trying to save on the family budget during the tough times. a freshman pizza party here at the whitman hospital here. for some kids though, the first day at school may not be at the place they may he thought it would be. you see the economy prompted the parents to move them into the public school system. >> we expect somewhere between a thousand and 2000 kids who are entering our doors who were in private school last year. >> reporter: pat o'neill says that the largest school can handle the extra kids. what could be hard to handle is the outbreak of
jumping out of an abandoned car, anywhere in and around this area, please call us immediately. get a good description. if they get into another car, give us a tag number. we want to get these guys off the street. >> police offering a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. >>> the half brother of jackie kennedy onassis indicted on felony charges. van van is everywhere at 11:00. >> the charges stem from a child sexual abuse case in oregon. police say they found james had images of child pornography and made copies of them. the grand jury indicted him on 25 counts of encouraging child sexual abuse. that's it. it is over. car dealers had until 8:00 tonight to turn in all of their paperwork on the cash for clunkers program in order to be reimbursed by uncle sam. dealers were given another deadline extension aft program ended last night -- after the program ended last night at 8:00 after problems with the government's website. a historic day in alexandria as a new police chief takes over. earl cook is the first black chief in alexandria's 260-year history. he's replacing ch
to him, interview him? >> if there is anybody else that -- believes or has doubts, of course contact us. >> reporter: prince william county schools will only say that patterson did have a criminal background check when he was hired. later he reached out to these students after school. and prince william county schools say they don't have a specific policy that bans teachers from texting students or a policy that stops teachers from having contact with students outside the class. rather it has a broad rules of conduct policy that expects teachers to act in a professional manner, with integrity, as a role model, in the community as well. >> all right, authorities bust eight men for inappropriate sex acts at the state park in frederick county. police say the arrests were part of an undercover sting after several complaints from the staff. police say people witnessed people performing sex acts in the rest rooms and along trails. >>> and the news edge, a developing story, police search for answers to a murder mystery in northeast. the body of a small business owner found on the floor of his
another $5 million for d.c.'s catholic schools. >> roz plater tonight. >>> the flag on top of the u.s. capitol is flying at half g. l it and all ther flagson federaproperty will remain lowered until august 30, part of a presidential proclamation. although the political landscape remains divided on several issues, party lines are left behind as lawmakers honor senator kennedy today. fox 5's laura evans has a look. >> he's left a great void in our public life and a hole in the hearts of millions of americans. >> reporter: vice president joe biden speaking with great sadness and admiration for senator ted kennedy, appearing at an energy department event, mr. biden set aside his discussion of energy legislation to remember his close friend. having served 40 years in the senate, longer than all but two other senators in u.s. history, teddy kennedwas considered by some an icon of american politics. president obama says he was one of the greatest senators in history. >> in the united states senate, i can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members of both sides
metro discovered she was using that phone to reach central control because the radio on her bus was broken. robinson claims repeated communication problems put all drivers at risk. >> they go out on that battle field every day with no protection. no protection. it's sad. >> reporter: a metro spokesperson says the innocent was thoroughly investigated and the agency believes robinson acted inappropriately. the spokesperson also says meo has fought for tougher laws to punish anyone who assaults transit drivers. but this former operator says he's glad to be out of the driver's seat. >> my safety is first to me. first to me. and if metro is not going to look out for it, i don't want to work for metro. >> reporter: the other bus driver who lost her job is 37- year-old carletta douglas. she worked for metro since the year 2000. she was arrested last month for driving with a suspended license. >> stacey cohan live in the newsroom. >>> alexandria's former police chief is sitting behind bars right now. dave baker pleaded guilty to driving drunk today. three weeks ago an officer gave him f
for bringing us up to date with that. >>> the fox 5 storm force tracking the damage from severe thunderstorms today. preliminary reports now show a tornado hit ijamsville in frederick county. finksburg and caroll county also hit hard by fast and furious rain. several cars were damaged or destroyed. and when all that was happening, this is what that line of storms looked like. this is on our radar earlier. things tonight have calmed down a bit. sue palka working this developing story tonight. > take a look at raar right now because we continue to chasthe last of those erowshs and storms off ocean city where they saw funnel clouds down there, too. you're right the big story whtodat waas was happening up in maryland. that tornado has been s atred r ef1 preliminarily by the national weather service. o trueview. look at finkurg on ou cl tonreuetrds.ew a d.. ds are clearing over c things are settling down in the atmosphere. there may be another shower later tonight but that is going to be it just a quick look at the storm reports towards today. that tornado, the ef1 up in new market and ijamsville
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